Every previous Congress of Radiological Technology has had a humanitarian side as an expression of social and social responsibility and promoting positive activities of radiological technologists within the community.

We are continuing this good practice this year as part of the 5th Congress of Radiological Technology.

In cooperation with Bruno Šimleš, we promote the work of the "Ljiljana Pranjić" Foundation, which promotes her intangible legacy through the program called "Live your dreams," intended for those who need help in realizing their dreams.

You can find out more about the Foundation's goals and activities here.

By purchasing the inspiring book "My Scars, My Victories," you can support the work of the Foundation and contribute to helping people realize their ideas, wishes, and dreams. More information about the book itself is available here.

Additional activities in which you can contribute to developing the humanitarian contribution of our profession will be promoted during the 5th KRT.